With dozens of successful installations over the last ten years, Computer Monitoring and Control (C-MAC), a member of the C & L Systems Group, has developed high levels of expertise in advanced batch control systems within a wide range of demanding manufacturing applications with its C-QUIN advanced batch process control system.

Introduction of modern batch systems has boosted clients' production by between 25% and 80%, with additional benefits including improved quality control, more efficient materials, stock control utilisation and the ability to respond fast to changes in market conditions. C-MAC's clients are regularly reporting increases in production exceeding 70%.

With the significant increases in production available with a C-MAC advanced batch process control system the capital investment cost for the complete system is rapidly recovered through production increases.

There is a bewildering array of solutions available for anyone planning the automation of process plant. Do you choose a PLC, a PC or a dedicated control system - does the supplier have the ability to handle custom software or hardware - are there links to your management systems - will the equipment still cope with your needs in five or ten years? Selecting the product and supplier to match your application calls for the level of knowledge that can probe beyond manufacturers’ claims and can ask the searching questions which differentiate a suitable solution from an optimal solution.

C-MAC offers comprehensive support and back-up throughout the process of selecting and installing a system. This brings immediate benefit and lasting value, ensuring that your plant is capable of planned growth to support the expansion of your business.

Performance is further enhanced using COBRA which provides on-line data logging, analysis and reporting with immediate access to results through local and wide area networks.

The achievement of rapid payback on investment, the facility to link to new or existing MIS and MRP systems and the ease of meeting the strict audit requirements of pharmaceutical and food regulatory authorities means that no batch manufacturer can afford to ignore the potential of a batch data logging & analysis system such as COBRA.

An essential requirement of modern command and control systems is the ability to respond to critical stimuli in real-time, presenting decision makers with all the information they need to rapidly choose the correct course of action.

Whether your needs are for military or security applications, the company’s specialists have the skills to produce systems which can handle the fast transaction processing rates, give the immediacy of response and exhibit the high degree of integrity demanded in these roles.

C-MAC has developed considerable expertise in computer modelling and production of advanced real-time simulation systems for demanding industrial applications.

The simulation facility allows you test the integrity of the system off-line and therefore in complete safety without risking the security of the plant nor disturbing current production.

One major advanatage of the simulation facilty is for the off-line training of operators. This provides the invaluable benefit of in-depth system knowledge prior to the plant becoming live.

C-MAC is avaliable to provide simple single stream / single product type simulations through to complex multi stream / multi product systems.

Effective automated testing in real-time places great demands on both control and reporting systems. Typical systems produced by C & L Systems range from rolling road dynamometers for automobile end-of-line testing, to testing of printed circuit board assemblies during manufacture.

Automated testing provides consistent results and advanced diagnosis of complex mass-produced products. The systems allow previously laborious, time-consuming testing of vehicles and sub-assemblies to be carried out for prolonged periods with minimal supervision under precisely controlled conditions. The high sampling rates combined with modern data analysis techniques offers the sophisticated reporting, fault tracing and quality assurance facilities essential for modern manufacturing businesses.

C & L Systems’ have staff with experience of many legacy computer systems, computers, operating systems and languages. Our experience is extensive, so if your legacy system is not listed below we may still be able to provide assistance, please call.

The primary legacy computer systems of which we have experience are listed in the table below:

Computer Family Operating System(s)
DEC PDP-11 RSX-11, RT-11
GEC 4000 OS4000
Ferranti Argus 700 OSC45, OSC55
Motorola 68000 OS/9
Zilog Z80 CP/M
Marconi Elliot 903 / 920

The company has experience of many older computer languages. Amongst these are: